2014 Tour II: Wild Turkey

By ocabrio

2014 Tour I: The Architects GC

Video production by Oskee

SWAG 2014 season is off and running. Once again The Architects was the venue of the inaugural tournament hosting 27 brave players who contended with wet fairways, uneven greens, biting cold and blustery winds, ala St. Andrews. Even with lift, clean and place in effect, only one player tamed the course and prevailed over the challenging conditions with a one under par 71, Dr. Dino De Jesus. Our newest member also becomes our newest champion of 2014. Three players returned with even scores, Oca Briones (low gross 82), Doc Kelly and Boy Beda. Runner-up honors based on count back went to Boy Beda. System 36 scoring was applied to both champion Dino and 2nd placer Boy.

With the brand new season a new SWAG rule also came into effect. Unlike in previous years, where the champion and runner-up celebrated their winning by sponsoring our post game festivities, this time the bottom 5 chipped in a bit more than the rest to foot the bill. Our distinguished first bottom five are B2B Annual Champion Melvin Go., 2013 Tour 7 champion Dr. Lito Arago., 2013 Tour 8 champion, Francis De Guzman., 2013 Tour 11 champion, Lino Carin, and returning founding member and past champion Gerry Deniega. Judging from this list, we could say the new rule is a hit! In fact, this prompted our most senior citizen member Lino Carin to proudly proclaim, “I am very much honored to be in such an elite company!”

Not everything was new at our Tour 1 event, the old SWAG appetite for beer, chicken wings, jokes, laughter and tall tales was in full display. What a fun-filled day! No one wanted to start a new table, each new arrival constantly squeezing chairs into the already over-populated tables. As Sir Caloy Keyes would have said, “Mas masikip, mas masarap —— ang kuwentuhan.” No wonder, everyone felt like Daddy Lino Carin – they really felt that they were not only among golf buddies and close circle of friends; they were all in elite company.

April 5, 2014 The Architects GC


Dino De Jesus – Champion

Runner-up Boy Beda
Low gross Oca Briones & Romy F. (82)
Longest Drive Romy Francisco
Closest to the Pin
Hole #2 Kelly Concepcion
Hole #6 Orly Trias
Hole #12 Lino Emnas
Hole #17 Max Napuli

Message from the Prez


Hello All,
Nobody wants to be caught unaware for the 2014 season. So be warned that there have already been some sightings of SWAG members braving this weather to get in some practice. CCTV video archives at Hyatt Hills GC as well as surrounding driving ranges have shown some members putting in some serious playing time.

Everybody is a suspect at this juncture…Even those who adamantly insist that they are attending a wedding in the Philippines have ulterior motives of getting time before our season here breaks! By the way, has anyone checked on their SWAG-mates? As recent as last week, EVA Air manifests showed another one leaving for the tropics…!!

The question is, have you done your practicing as well? This is THE SEASON! The shackles for winning a tourney has been removed so are you ready to be one to hoist that trophy???

Take a close look at the attached 2014 Schedule and pick which ones you are going to win. Thanks to
P. Hollnsteiner, our tour director who assured us playtime in the upper crust list of golf courses.

OBF – One Big Fight!!
El Prez

SWAG through the years….

by: Oskee duval bogey

2013 Awarding


2013 SWAGTour Championship II


September 15, 2013
Berkshire Valley GC


Lito DeGuzman 2013 SWAGTour Championship II – Champion

Runner-up Jojo Punzalan
Low gross Lino Emnas – 80
Longest Drive Lino Emnas
Closest to the Pin
Hole #2 nada
Hole #6 Gerry Aguilera
Hole #12 Gerry Aguilera
Hole #16 Lito DeGuzman

SWAGGERS we’re blessed.

We could not have wished for a greater ending to our 2013 season.

In perfect golfing weather we had our most attended outings this year.
Historic and inspiring result at round one in High Bridge on Saturday where our oldest swagger, Lino Carin, 78, bested everyone and tamed the swirling winds to be 6 under and 6 better than the 2nd placer, who is almost 40 years his junior, and win again after a decade.

Our first time winner, 2013 grand champion claimed his prize, after a furious and focused hole by hole, stroke by stroke chase, in the hills and ravines of Berkshire Valley, on the second day of championship rounds. Peter H, our most hardworking and clever tour director, former president, and Mr. 555 to any spirited swagger, will get his name etched on our coveted roving golden trophy, Congrats!

Again major winner on Sunday is no other than our resident pro (ballroom dancing), Lito DG, himself previously a grand champion. He collected all wagers for the day and won top honors at our championship round two, clawing his way back to contention and a two-day cumulative total at the top! Congrats on your win at Berkshire and runner-up finish in our annual championships – Class A!

Noteworthy as well, is comeback kid, do what you do best, Class B champ, sharpshooting Gerry A, who had two more closest to the pin awards Sunday, to emerge the top CTP awardee with a total of 5 just this weekend (tie with Romy F?). Thanks for sharing your joy and giving away your PROV1s.

“You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving”.
Thanks to all those who shared so much of their blessings this week: Lino C, Lito DG, Pete C (for breakfast at HB), Mac F, opening his home to us once again, Peter H and those who chipped in for the swag appreciation for our hosts helpers, and all the others who shared their blessings to their fellow swaggers all through out this year (you know who you are). Let us be thankful. We continue to be blessed!


2013 SWAGTour Championship I

September 14, 2013
Highbridge Hills GC

Congratulations to Lino Carin! and to all.


Lino Carin 2013 Tour Championship I – Champion

Runner-up Gerry Aguilera
Low gross Peter H. – 82
Longest Drive Ramon Delos Reyes
Closest to the Pin
Hole #4 Gerry Aguilera
Hole #6 Caloy Keyes
Hole #8 Gerry Aguilera
Hole #12 Gerry Aguilera
Hole #14 Caloy Keyes

2013 Tour X: Royce Brook GC


August 24, 2013
Royce Brook GC

Go Melvin GO!

Congratulations to “marvelous” Melvin who is going strong, going into the homestretch, of our SWAG 2013 golf season. Go! Go! Go! Melvin Go!

With his winning score of net -5, Mel clinches the distinction of being the top qualifier (11 under) for the 2013 SWAG championships. Royce Brook GC suits Melvin’s eyes to a T as he displayed his brand of consistent golf once again, just like in the 2011 championships at RBGC. His 247 points total is just 10 points shy of Romy’s player of the year cumulative points. Bakbakan ang magagaling talaga!


Melvin Go 2013 Tour X – Champion

Runner-up Lino Emnas
Low gross Melvin Go – 77
Longest Drive Lino Emnas & Mac Fojas
Closest to the Pin
Hole #3 @ 24’6″ Lito De Guzman
Hole #8 @ 33’6″ Mac Fojas
Hole #15 @ 26’3″ Romy Francisco
Hole #17 @ 8’7″ Lino Emnas

Picture of the Day

pictureoftheday2Masinsinang usapan….

2013 Tour IX: High Bridge Hills GC


Francis DeGuzman 2013 Tour IX – Champion

Runner-up Melvin Go
Low gross Romy Francisco – 78
Longest Drive Oscar Briones
Closest to the Pin
Hole #4 Francis DeGuzman
Hole #6 Romy Francisco
Hole #8 Jojo Sanchez
Hole #12 Caloy Keyes
Hole #14 Caloy Keyes
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