2015-2016 President Ed Amaba


My dear friends,

Thank you all for the opportunity to be of service to you, our association and our passion of golf. Let us also thank our outgoing President Lino Emnas, his administration and all the volunteers and sponsors for a job well done. It was truly an enjoyable and memorable season, as were all the other seasons. With everybody’s help, we will carry on the good work of our previous administrations and continue to improve our association.

Another exciting season is upon us as we implement some notable changes that were agreed on in our membership meeting. As brought up by Melvin, we will give our senior members (65 and over) the option to use the senior tees. We hope that this will make our tours even more enjoyable for everyone.
Zenon proposed that we obtain sponsors for our tournaments to raise funds.
Four sponsors at $500 each have already signed up: Gerry Aguilera for “B2K Construction Tournament” on May 9;
Raul Encarnacion for “Players Tournament” on Championship Round 1;
Lito DeGuzman for “The Bamboo Grill & Latin Room Invitational”, date to be announced later;
and yours truly for “EBA Engineering Tournament” on Tour 1. If you wish to sponsor a tournament, please reserve soon because dates are first come first serve. I’ll change my date if someone else wants Tour 1.

We will organize our 2015-2016 administration and announce the new officers, board members and committee chairs within ten days of our meeting, as provided in the SWAG By-Laws.
There’s a saying that we cannot choose our family, but we can choose our friends.
We chose each other with whom to spend the precious little time that we have.
So let us make the most of it. Let’s enjoy every moment and cherish our friendship, even as we try to beat each other on the golf course.

At your service,
Ed Amaba

SWAG GC 2014 Awards

2014 Season

2014 SWAG Season

2014 SWAGTour Ryder Cup


September 6, 2014
Ryder Cup: Spook Rock GC
Green Fee: $70.00 Time: 8:00am Shot-gun
24 Golfers Only – First Come first serve…….
Click Here to see who signed up already:
* Lifetime Jueteng Participant

2014 SWAGTour Championship Round II

2014 SWAGTour Championship Round I

2014 SWAG Tour Championship

Championship Round I: Wild Turkey GC
Green Fee: $90.00 Time: 12:00
Championship Round II: Ballyowen GC
Green Fee: $109.00 Tee Time 10:30
Wild Turkey and Ballyowen GC Club
WHEN Saturday August 23 & 24, 2014

2014 Tour 10: Great Bear GC


Zenon’s ascension to the zenith of SWAG standings and capture the top qualifier plum can be attributed to the time and tested formula of practice, practice and more practice. He came to the golf course a day earlier than anyone and played a look-see round, taking valuable notes along the way. At 9am on game day, he was by his lonesome warming up; pummeling range balls, blasting out of sand traps and reading and putting across the greens. The shadow of the next swagger did not appear until 2 hours later.

It is worth noting that Zenon’s cart mate at Patriot Hills, Ferdie U, and Mac Fojas at Great Bear both carded 5 under net scores. Coincidence? Not. Mac unabashedly stated that he would not have scored a 79 if not for Zenon’s notes and course management example.

So, all ye contenders, book your practice rounds at Wild Turkey and Ballyowen. Do what Zenon does and you just might come out with your best results. 8 and 7 under pars are not impossible. You can’t argue against Zenon’s ascension. Kaya, mag practice na kayo!!!


Just like Zenon who won back to back tournaments, Tour IX and X (Patriot Hills and Great Bear), sandwiched by another great result at PICO, returning world number one Rory also won back-to-back tournaments (British Open and PGA) and took the WGC (Firestone) event between the two major wins. Zenon and Rory both return to tournament weekend play on August 23 and 24. Rory will be at Barclays at Ridgewood GC in Paramus while Zenon will be at Crystal springs. As volunteer marshals at the Barclays, Jojo Sanchez and I will have the chance to see Rory in action August 21 and 22 from inside the ropes. Then on Aug 23 and 24, we will closely monitor the Zenon phenomenon at the SWAG championships. Whose magical streak would continue? Rory’s? Zenons? Smart money is on BOTH. Abangan!


Ed Amaba’s calderetta, paella con Lechon (courtesy of Raul E), and Mac’s tender juicy salpicao, pork and ribs bbq, con todo mongo, mechado, tahjong, mais at ukoy – what more can you ask for. Nada! Thank you Ed, Mac, Raul, and Doc Lito A (Remy/Double Black) from the bottom of our fulfilled stomachs! And livers! Sa uulitin.


How can you shoot 42 over par on your first tournament, then post 4 under par 32 on the front nine of your 10th and final game to win jueteng first place honors ($25 worth), Gerry Deniega says, an investment of $1750 did the trick. That is how much it cost him in green fees and driving range costs to complete a storied turn around of his golf game in 4 months. Gerry did not miss a single SWAG tournament. 10 out of 10. Perfect attendance. That is the definition of commitment guys. Unable to play in the championships due to prior commitment, watch out for Gerry D in 2015. Already a swag major winner in 2005, he is definitely going to contend in 2015, now that he has committed to playing the game again after a few years of furlough.


In its trial year of implementation, the low waist gang list of members provides an interesting and revealing insight. 24 of 38 swaggers graced this list and contributed to the coffers of our after game celebrations. Only 14 of the 38 members have managed to avoid the dreaded list by playing well enough to not land on the bottom 4 performers of each tournament. Who will remain unscathed after the last two games? Here is the list of the above waist gang: Romy F, Leo B, Lino E, Reggie, Mac, Ed, Dino, G Gguillera, Orly, Beda, Noel, Ding, Ferdie and Zenon. Kudos to all of you. Keep your belts tightened above the waist!

by LeoB

2014 PICO

Congratulations to Zenon!

A giant among men. His Rory-like power and finesse rolls on as he bags a trophy at the PICO tournament.
Big man, big game!

Good effort to all players ~ Zenon, Raul, Ed, Oca, Jojo S., Ramon, Pete C., Mac, Lito DG and Lino E.

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