SWAGTour 7: Mount Airy Casino Resort GC

SWAGTour 4: Wild Turkey

2016 Tour III: Heron Glen

SWAGTour II: Berkshire Valley GC

2016 Tour I: High Bridge Hills GC


2016 Tour I: Wild Turkey GC

Due to inclement weather, Tour I on Saturday @ Wild Turkey has been canceled and rescheduled for May28th (Tour III).
So now we will be playing Tours III, IV & V on back to back Saturdays

Prez: Welcome 2016 Season

Dear Swaggers,
Welcome to the 2016 golf season and to our new members! Last Saturday we held our Annual Membership Meeting, and it was good to see each other again. New members Bong Mapa and Doy Nakar were sponsored by Director Lino Emnas, and they were present at the meeting. Other new members Ed Mendoza, David Fernandez, and Danny Abogado were represented by Director Raul Encarnacion. Looks like our low- to mid-handicappers will have more competition. Did someone say “bring it on!”?

Attached are the Minutes of Meeting and attachments: List of Members & Attendees, 2015 Financial Report (thanks to Tr easurer Orly Trias), and 2016 Tour Schedule (thanks to Tour Director Peter Hollnsteiner). Thanks also to our Secretary, Andy “Zman” Zapata, these documents will be uploaded soon to our website (http://www.swaggc.org/). ; When you visit our website, please check out also our Constitution and Bylaws, Handicap Policy, Club Etiquette, and Club Rules (click “About Us” tab, then on “Bylaws & Rules”).
Our Club always makes an honest effort to improve our association. We may not like a few of the rules, but the members have voted and decided, so we’ll accept the results. After all, we are all friends–most of us for many years–so we’re happy to give each other some concession. We welcome your suggestions and advice to further improve our Club.
Some of us have vacationed in the Philippines or other warm places and have put in some practice time. I confess that I’ve played a few rounds, so watch out (maybe). I was a guest of Eagle Golf Club of Guam during their week-long championship in different courses in the Philippines. This club goes overseas twice a year (next stop Taiwan) for a week each tour and holds the biggest annual open tournament in Guam.

Anyway, back to our seasonal reality, we are all excited to go out and play in about six weeks. So clean your clubs, go to the range, and as Director Oca Briones says: “mag practice kayo!”. See you soon and God bless!

At your service,
Ed Amaba

2016 General Meeting

Central Headquarters-
February 20, 2016 Saturday-
Please sign up if you are attending or not…..

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Due to blizzard watch / winter storm watch in our area from Saturday
morning, our General Meeting this Saturday is postponed to February 20,
Saturday, 12:00 noon. See message below from The National Weather

2015 Awards Night

Saturday, November 21 2015:
The 2015 SWAGGGC Awards Night was dedicated to their Swagger brother’s memory

Swaggers, Please save the date:
Join the Fun and SIGN UP Now

2015 Swag Awards Night
November 21, 2015
Saturday @ 7PM – Midnight
Bamboo Grill
54 S Wahington Ave
Bergenfield, Nj 07621
201 348 5951

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Members and Members’ direct families or partners are FREE.
Guest fee – $20 ( payable to Orly)
Fine Dining, Cocktail, Cognac, DJ Lito with his super speed and super tunog Pinoy music, dancing with the D.I.s, and lots of raffle prizes etc..etc..
Donations of any kind for the evening raffle are welcome and appreciated.
So, don’t miss this event because…… its going to be a thrilla, a chillah, when we hit the dancing floorah at Bamboo Grillah !!!!

SWAG GC 2015 Daniel Cup



Saturday, October 3,2015
In Memory of swagger Daniel Thomas Hollnsteiner
1st Daniel Cup

Daniel probably pulled some strings upstairs, and Joaquin obliged to veer off towards the ocean (sorry Bermuda). It turned out to be good golfing weather–perfect in the old country because there was no rain and the wind was gentle at Warrenbrook GC for the first Daniel’s Cup.

Several of us complimented the staff for being friendly and accommodating. We used the restaurant space downstairs for breakfast, meeting and prayers. Gerry A brought coffee and fresh bagels, Lito DG provided bibingka, and I served hard-boiled eggs and bananas.

From the start, the resolution already had majority votes. “Daniel’s Cup” was made official, and our Awards Director, Oca, was authorized to commission “The Daniel Hollnsteiner Trophy”.

With moist eyes, shaky voices and joined hands, we said our solemn and heartfelt prayers for Daniel and the Hollnsteiner family. We felt inner peace and a lighter burden for being together at this challenging time, especially with Peter and Philip. Peter thanked everyone, as we admired the courage, strength and dignity of his family.

Wearing ribbons in Daniel’s favorite red, we started a little late around 10:20 AM. The staff was patient and understanding of our situation, and the starter allowed us to go shotgun. It was a little on the chilly side, but we’ve played in worse conditions. The course was wet, yet we drove the cart almost anywhere, and we rarely needed to lift, clean and place. The greens were in perfect condition, allowing fast, true roll. Like our other tours, the first Daniel’s Cup was enjoyable and perhaps more memorable. We finished at about the same time before 4:00 PM, and we proceeded to Pandan.

The food and service at Pandan was superb, as always. Like in a fiesta, we dined on sinigang, crispy pata, sisig, bangus, rice, halo-halo, ice cream, turon, beer, fresh brewed coffee, and maybe more. Many thanks to Mon DLR who generously took care of half of the bill.

After the scores were settled, the red team won (subject to correction, if any) with a score of 8 points vs. the blue team with 7. And that’s with two defaults in the red team — Dr Jun Bada who can’t play due to bad back but stayed with us all the way, and Dr Lito Arago who was called to duty and unable to finish the match. Please review the attached scores and pairings, and email back if there are any corrections. Congrats to the red team! Unfortunately for them, we forgot to make team bets.

Thanks to all for participating, to Leo for arranging the course, to Raul for pairings and organizing, to our guests Dr. Jun Bada and the Cabrales brothers, to Mon, Lito, Gerry who I’ve mentioned above, to others who brought blue label and drinks (I’m not sure who), to all who helped, and most especially to Peter and Philip for being with us.

May Daniel rest in peace and let perpetual light shine upon him.

At your service,
Ed A

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